Location, Location, Location

There is one factor that plays a big part in making a hostel a great place to stay, no matter where you are in the world.  This huge factor is none other than the location of the hostel.  Location does not just mean what city a hostel is in, but also where in a city a hostel is in.  The part of the city the hostel is in plays a big part in making it a good place to stay, no matter how big the city is.  However the bigger the city the more impact the location of a hostel has on your time in the city.  That is because with a bigger city there are many places to see and some areas of a city have more to do for travelers.

The idea of location being key in making a great hostel was something that was giving much thought when picking a place to set roots for With Inn Hostel.  That is why we chose to have the hostel a short walk (about three mins) away from the Central Park MRT station(R9) in Kaohsiung.  Within walking distance from the hostel there are many shops and night markets, making it easy to buy what you want as well as try some new food.  If you want to see more of the city it is very easy to walk and than jump on the MRT and see the top tourist sights.  Also it is only a 15 min MRT ride to the airport and a 15 min ride to the high speed rail.  The right location can make a good hostel great and that is what we hope to achieve at With Inn hostel.
with inn map(new-中+英)


同.居 With Inn HosteL重視交通的便捷,步行只需要3分鐘即可抵達高雄中央公園捷運站(R9)。我們位於高雄市中心,鄰近新崛江商圈、城市光廊、中央公園,無論逛街用餐都非常方便,5~10分鐘車埕即可抵達愛河、三多商圈、美麗島、六合夜市、駁二藝文特區,15~20分鐘的車程時間即可抵達“小港機場”和“左營高鐵站”,周圍密集的交通網路,讓你跳上捷運/公車/公共腳踏車,即可輕易的抵達其他熱門景區。不知該去哪玩嗎?開口問問 With Inn 管家!不論"初次遊"或"深度遊"都能給你最好的旅程建議!樂活在同.居 ,輕鬆遊高雄。
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