Kaohsiung Museum Of Fine Arts

It seems like just about any city that you travel to has a museum of some sort.  These museums can range from many different subject matters and can come in many different sizes.  Even though most cities have museums that you can go to, that does not mean that you will go to them.  That is because if you are like me than most of the times museums are not at the top of your list to go to when you are in a new place.  However this is not true all of the time, because some museums are so good that you must go to them when you are in that city.  Some of these museums that are a must see are world famous where others are not so famous.高雄民宿/高雄背包客旅館/高雄hostel/高雄青年旅館/高雄背包客攻略

A museum that is a must see when you are in Kaohsiung is the Museum Of Fine Arts (www.kmfa.gov.tw).  This museum may not be world famous or even the most famous museum in Taiwan, but that does not mean it is not worth the trip.  The museum has many different exhibitions that are free to see and most of the time it has one larger exhibitions that changes every few months that you need to pay for.  The special exhibitions are the ones that are the must see because most of the times it is about one artist who is very well known.  For example the one that is gong on now (till January 11th) is about M. C. Escher.  Even if you are not around for this special exhibitions there is sure to be another great one soon.高雄旅遊/高雄老宅/Taiwan backpacker/

How to get there:  Take the MRT Red line to Aozihdi station (R13), than transfer to the 168 West bus or the red 32/35 bus.Kaohsiung backpacker/Kaohsiung travel/Kaohsiung travel guide






上期特展:2014年10月4日~2015年1月11日   “錯覺藝術大師-艾雪的魔幻世界畫展”

 2014年9月27日~2015年1月18日   “建築的藝術-英國福斯特聯合建築師事務所”

近期注目特展:2015年2月7日~2015年5月17日 “夢我所夢 草間彌生特展”


交通資訊:高雄捷運紅線 凹子底站(R13),再轉乘168西線/ 紅32/紅35公車,至美術館站下車高雄背包客攻略/高雄旅遊/高雄老宅/Taiwan backpacker/Kaohsiung backpacker/Kaohsiung travel/Kaohsiung travel guide

高雄民宿/高雄背包客旅館/高雄hostel/高雄青年旅館/高雄背包客攻略/高雄旅遊/高雄老宅/Taiwan backpacker/Kaohsiung backpacker/Kaohsiung travel/Kaohsiung travel guide



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