Space For All / 公共空間


There are many differences between a hotel and a hostel.  These differences can range from anything from price to the type of room.  One of the biggest differences is the public space.  A hostel should have a lot of public space for guest to use, because one of the perks of staying at a hostel is that you can meet other travelers.  The best places to meet thous travelers is in a nice public space.

Since public spaces are important in making a hostel great, a lot of effort went in to make sure that With Inn Hostel had great space to meet new people.  At the hostel there are many different spaces that can be used by any guest.  There is a kitchen with everything you need to cook a meal or just to store some food.  There is bar seating all along the kitchen as well as a couple tables to eat ate.  If you want a space that is a little more quiet you can head up to the third floor and sit back and read in a bean bag chair in our reading corner.  Even though inside public spaces are great, it is nice to be able to get out side every now and than.  There is a balcony with a table and chairs that makes a perfect space to enjoy the nice sunny weather of the city.  With all this public space it makes it very easy to meet and talk to new people when staying at the hostel.






早晨 ~步出陽台,沐浴在暖陽下,享受屬於南台灣的慢活優閒。

靜靜欣賞 同.居 的一隅,綠意盎然的植栽搭配著斑駁歷史感的窗花。

同.居 台式老宅 回味老時光~

高雄民宿/高雄背包客旅館/高雄hostel/高雄青年旅館/高雄背包客攻略/高雄旅遊/高雄老宅/Taiwan backpacker/Kaohsiung backpacker/Kaohsiung travel/Kaohsiung travel guide


從同‧居 With Inn開始…

要說起屬於台灣老宅的故事,或許可以從同.居 With Inn開始…。在這裡,有無線網路、有早餐,但更多的,是隱藏在每一個角落、屬於前人的智慧; 是充斥在氣味中、未曾流逝的台灣文化與情感。


踩遍了整棟老宅,老房子的原貌非常地美,老師傅手工打造的牆壁收邊、 階梯扶把的人體工學、 鐵花窗的糾結、 還有包覆著陳年歷史,卻依然透出光線的玻璃霧面。 撫摸著新舊融合的痕跡,細細品嘗老師傅的執著與手作工藝之美。



櫃台 Counter





走上三樓, 復古的立體浮雕瓷磚與檜木屋頂令人驚艷,樓梯轉角有片從牆壁突出的石板,是讓家裡長輩上樓梯後能坐著歇息一會兒, 如此貼心的設計,是前人的智慧,更是台灣人恆久不變的孝心。戶外陽台填滿了南高雄的陽光, 純白色的被單外還有悠閒的戶外椅,盡情享受屬於高雄的慢活步調。


衛浴的馬賽克地磚,是我們親手拼出來的心血,鑲拑著彼此的誓言和共同的夢想。同.居 With Inn 是棟走過半世紀的老宅,我們在這陳年磚瓦上,砌上純淨的夢想,與來自世界各地的旅人,在這裡交換故事,一同生活,享受老時光…


Kaohsiung iPass / 高雄一卡通

When you first hear about the iPass you might think that it is some new Apple product, but that would not be correct.  The iPass is not some new Apple product, but is what the city of Kaohsiung calls its transit card.  You do not need to get this card, but if you are going to be here for more than a few days it can save you some time and money.  In fact even if you are just going to be here for a few days it still can save you money.  The iPass is very simple to use, all you do is buy it (100 NTD) and than put money on the card at any MRT station, 7-11, Family Mart, OK Mart and Hi-Life Mart.  Whenever the money runs out you can just put more on it.  The iPass can save you money in a few different ways.  When you use it for any MRT ride you save a few NTD each time.  When you rent a city bike you get the first hour free when you use your iPass.  One last way it saves you money is when every you take any city bus you get the first 8 KM free.  Some stores and restraints even give a small discount when you pay with your iPass. At With Inn Hostel we make it very easy and free for our guests to get an iPass.  That is because we have ones that you can rent.  All you have to do is give us a 100 NTD deposit (that you will get back when you return the card).  Than you just need to put some money on the card, if you have money left over you can go buy a snack at 7-11 or Family Mart before returning the card.高雄民宿/高雄背包客旅館/高雄hostel


高雄青年旅館/高雄背包客攻略/高雄旅遊/高雄老宅/Taiwan backpacker/Kaohsiung backpacker/Kaohsiung travel

高雄一卡通(i PASS), 是高雄的交通運輸卡, 就像台北捷運的悠遊卡, 只是悠遊卡目前無法使用在高雄捷運系統, 高雄捷運只能使用一卡通.

Kaohsiung travel guide

同.居With Inn HosteL提供免費租借一卡通的服務!只需要支付押金NTD100, 卡片歸還就會返還押金!儲值的地點為捷運站, 7-11/全家/OK/萊爾富 便利商店!卡片退還前需確認裡面的金額, 如果還有錢未使用完, 可至上述便利商店買東西,並使用一卡通支付, 卡片歸零後再歸還給我們即可!












a.高雄CityBike-卡片需記名, 第1小時免費,並享有捷運轉乘優惠

b.台南安平TourBike-卡片需經手機認證,每日上午9時至下午6時 免費租借






高雄民宿/高雄背包客旅館/高雄hostel/高雄青年旅館/高雄背包客攻略/高雄旅遊/高雄老宅/Taiwan backpacker/Kaohsiung backpacker/Kaohsiung travel/Kaohsiung travel guide

Kaohsiung Museum Of Fine Arts

It seems like just about any city that you travel to has a museum of some sort.  These museums can range from many different subject matters and can come in many different sizes.  Even though most cities have museums that you can go to, that does not mean that you will go to them.  That is because if you are like me than most of the times museums are not at the top of your list to go to when you are in a new place.  However this is not true all of the time, because some museums are so good that you must go to them when you are in that city.  Some of these museums that are a must see are world famous where others are not so famous.高雄民宿/高雄背包客旅館/高雄hostel/高雄青年旅館/高雄背包客攻略

A museum that is a must see when you are in Kaohsiung is the Museum Of Fine Arts (  This museum may not be world famous or even the most famous museum in Taiwan, but that does not mean it is not worth the trip.  The museum has many different exhibitions that are free to see and most of the time it has one larger exhibitions that changes every few months that you need to pay for.  The special exhibitions are the ones that are the must see because most of the times it is about one artist who is very well known.  For example the one that is gong on now (till January 11th) is about M. C. Escher.  Even if you are not around for this special exhibitions there is sure to be another great one soon.高雄旅遊/高雄老宅/Taiwan backpacker/

How to get there:  Take the MRT Red line to Aozihdi station (R13), than transfer to the 168 West bus or the red 32/35 bus.Kaohsiung backpacker/Kaohsiung travel/Kaohsiung travel guide






上期特展:2014年10月4日~2015年1月11日   “錯覺藝術大師-艾雪的魔幻世界畫展”

 2014年9月27日~2015年1月18日   “建築的藝術-英國福斯特聯合建築師事務所”

近期注目特展:2015年2月7日~2015年5月17日 “夢我所夢 草間彌生特展”


交通資訊:高雄捷運紅線 凹子底站(R13),再轉乘168西線/ 紅32/紅35公車,至美術館站下車高雄背包客攻略/高雄旅遊/高雄老宅/Taiwan backpacker/Kaohsiung backpacker/Kaohsiung travel/Kaohsiung travel guide

高雄民宿/高雄背包客旅館/高雄hostel/高雄青年旅館/高雄背包客攻略/高雄旅遊/高雄老宅/Taiwan backpacker/Kaohsiung backpacker/Kaohsiung travel/Kaohsiung travel guide

Location, Location, Location

There is one factor that plays a big part in making a hostel a great place to stay, no matter where you are in the world.  This huge factor is none other than the location of the hostel.  Location does not just mean what city a hostel is in, but also where in a city a hostel is in.  The part of the city the hostel is in plays a big part in making it a good place to stay, no matter how big the city is.  However the bigger the city the more impact the location of a hostel has on your time in the city.  That is because with a bigger city there are many places to see and some areas of a city have more to do for travelers.

The idea of location being key in making a great hostel was something that was giving much thought when picking a place to set roots for With Inn Hostel.  That is why we chose to have the hostel a short walk (about three mins) away from the Central Park MRT station(R9) in Kaohsiung.  Within walking distance from the hostel there are many shops and night markets, making it easy to buy what you want as well as try some new food.  If you want to see more of the city it is very easy to walk and than jump on the MRT and see the top tourist sights.  Also it is only a 15 min MRT ride to the airport and a 15 min ride to the high speed rail.  The right location can make a good hostel great and that is what we hope to achieve at With Inn hostel.
with inn map(new-中+英)


同.居 With Inn HosteL重視交通的便捷,步行只需要3分鐘即可抵達高雄中央公園捷運站(R9)。我們位於高雄市中心,鄰近新崛江商圈、城市光廊、中央公園,無論逛街用餐都非常方便,5~10分鐘車埕即可抵達愛河、三多商圈、美麗島、六合夜市、駁二藝文特區,15~20分鐘的車程時間即可抵達“小港機場”和“左營高鐵站”,周圍密集的交通網路,讓你跳上捷運/公車/公共腳踏車,即可輕易的抵達其他熱門景區。不知該去哪玩嗎?開口問問 With Inn 管家!不論"初次遊"或"深度遊"都能給你最好的旅程建議!樂活在同.居 ,輕鬆遊高雄。
高雄民宿/高雄背包客旅館/高雄hostel/高雄青年旅館/高雄背包客攻略/高雄旅遊/高雄老宅/Taiwan backpacker/Kaohsiung backpacker/Kaohsiung travel/Kaohsiung travel guide

What Its All About

This blog is going to be all about With Inn Hostel in Kaohsiung.  We will use this site to share the story of the hostel as well as give information about the hostel and how to book with us.  However that is not the only thing this blog will be about, because if it was just about the hostel that could get a little dry after some time.  That is why a big part of this blog is going to be about Kaohsiung and maybe even some talk about more place around Taiwan.  We want to share information about what people can see and do in Kaohsiung because with a city this big it is always nice to be able to read some insider information about a city.

In the spirit of sharing information about the hostel and the city here are some fun facts about both.  First lets talk about the hostel, the hostel just opened in August of 2014.  The building is an old traditional Taiwanese style building and it is located right by a MRT station.  Now time to share some facts about the city.  Kaohsiung is located in the south of Taiwan and is the second biggest city (just under Taipei) with a population of 2.7 million people.  The city has many different sights to see ranging from art, museums, temples and many night markets.  These are just a few facts about With Inn hostel and Kaohsiung.  Keep checking this site for more information about both and hopefully it will spark a fire with in you to see Kaohsiung for yourself.

這是同.居 With Inn HosteL的部落格,但不只是部落格, 在這裡, 能讓您更瞭解我們,也會與您分享 旅人故事.高雄生活.台灣旅遊…讓您能深入高雄, 愛上高雄~.

首先讓我們先認識 同.居With Inn HosteL, 這是一棟建於1960年代的台式老建築!翻修後於2014年8月份正式重生!鄰近高雄捷運中央公園站!步行只需要3分鐘即可抵達!再來介紹一下高雄, 這是台灣的第二大城市,位於台灣南部,有270萬人口,有機場/高鐵/捷運/公車/公眾腳踏車/渡輪/郵輪港口/輕軌(未來)/纜車(未來),與台北有著不同的城市景色,有港灣,藝文區,博物館,夜市,購物商場等…想知道更多的高雄/同.居With Inn的事…請持續關注我們!!
高雄民宿/高雄背包客旅館/高雄hostel/高雄青年旅館/高雄背包客攻略/高雄旅遊/高雄老宅/Taiwan backpacker/Kaohsiung backpacker/Kaohsiung travel/Kaohsiung travel guide