Space For All / 公共空間


There are many differences between a hotel and a hostel.  These differences can range from anything from price to the type of room.  One of the biggest differences is the public space.  A hostel should have a lot of public space for guest to use, because one of the perks of staying at a hostel is that you can meet other travelers.  The best places to meet thous travelers is in a nice public space.

Since public spaces are important in making a hostel great, a lot of effort went in to make sure that With Inn Hostel had great space to meet new people.  At the hostel there are many different spaces that can be used by any guest.  There is a kitchen with everything you need to cook a meal or just to store some food.  There is bar seating all along the kitchen as well as a couple tables to eat ate.  If you want a space that is a little more quiet you can head up to the third floor and sit back and read in a bean bag chair in our reading corner.  Even though inside public spaces are great, it is nice to be able to get out side every now and than.  There is a balcony with a table and chairs that makes a perfect space to enjoy the nice sunny weather of the city.  With all this public space it makes it very easy to meet and talk to new people when staying at the hostel.






早晨 ~步出陽台,沐浴在暖陽下,享受屬於南台灣的慢活優閒。

靜靜欣賞 同.居 的一隅,綠意盎然的植栽搭配著斑駁歷史感的窗花。

同.居 台式老宅 回味老時光~

高雄民宿/高雄背包客旅館/高雄hostel/高雄青年旅館/高雄背包客攻略/高雄旅遊/高雄老宅/Taiwan backpacker/Kaohsiung backpacker/Kaohsiung travel/Kaohsiung travel guide


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