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This blog is going to be all about With Inn Hostel in Kaohsiung.  We will use this site to share the story of the hostel as well as give information about the hostel and how to book with us.  However that is not the only thing this blog will be about, because if it was just about the hostel that could get a little dry after some time.  That is why a big part of this blog is going to be about Kaohsiung and maybe even some talk about more place around Taiwan.  We want to share information about what people can see and do in Kaohsiung because with a city this big it is always nice to be able to read some insider information about a city.

In the spirit of sharing information about the hostel and the city here are some fun facts about both.  First lets talk about the hostel, the hostel just opened in August of 2014.  The building is an old traditional Taiwanese style building and it is located right by a MRT station.  Now time to share some facts about the city.  Kaohsiung is located in the south of Taiwan and is the second biggest city (just under Taipei) with a population of 2.7 million people.  The city has many different sights to see ranging from art, museums, temples and many night markets.  These are just a few facts about With Inn hostel and Kaohsiung.  Keep checking this site for more information about both and hopefully it will spark a fire with in you to see Kaohsiung for yourself.

這是同.居 With Inn HosteL的部落格,但不只是部落格, 在這裡, 能讓您更瞭解我們,也會與您分享 旅人故事.高雄生活.台灣旅遊…讓您能深入高雄, 愛上高雄~.

首先讓我們先認識 同.居With Inn HosteL, 這是一棟建於1960年代的台式老建築!翻修後於2014年8月份正式重生!鄰近高雄捷運中央公園站!步行只需要3分鐘即可抵達!再來介紹一下高雄, 這是台灣的第二大城市,位於台灣南部,有270萬人口,有機場/高鐵/捷運/公車/公眾腳踏車/渡輪/郵輪港口/輕軌(未來)/纜車(未來),與台北有著不同的城市景色,有港灣,藝文區,博物館,夜市,購物商場等…想知道更多的高雄/同.居With Inn的事…請持續關注我們!!
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